IT’S BACK! The return of LOVE ISLAND!

So Love Island officially started last night, one of the most popular programs from last year! Starting with quite a lot of buzz from last years contestants and just a few scandals from new contestants *cough Chloe*.

But to recap here’s a few of the best moments from last nights episode *SPOILERS AHEAD*


Ian Harding is back… probably my favorite thing about Love Island is his puns, jokes and just honest reaction to the silly things that go on in the house! Watch out for those cracking

2. Montana – PR Student who shops at Waitrose but ‘isn’t that posh’ 

Montana, no students shop at Waitrose…

3. Camilla thinks everyone’s got Skeletons in their closet.

No Camilla i don’t think that anyone else has dated Prince Harry in the Villa.

4. Is it just me or do Olivia and Chloe look like the same person? 

Probably because they’re blond and wearing practically the same…

5. Marcel (Blazin Squad) expects everyone to step forward. No one does.

Probably one of the most awkward moments already.. He was not expecting that.. & he doesn’t look happy. He chooses Amber, awkward all round.

6. Sam’s VT makes him look like the biggest dick. 

You’re not on Geordie Shore, bragging about girls skirts and bushes makes you seem like a right idiot.., And he picks Camilla.. Somehow I don’t think this is a perfect match.

7. Harley looks mildly like Alex Bowen

But without any form of personality…

8. Marcel faces the ‘Crossroads’ and another Pie in the face.. Harley chooses Amber

And she steps forward… AWKWARD

9. Turns out Chloe hasn’t just mugged off Jonathan Clark, she’s also pairing up with one of her ex boyfriends best friends..



10. In walks Jessica.. More like Jessica Rabbit..

Already shaking up the Villa in the first half hour.. Turns out she’s dated the same person as Montana.. AWKWARD DRAMA… Her task is to steal someone’s man..

11. The couples look so awkward together.. except Montana and Dom

But lets be serious.. Jessica definitely is out for blood with Montana.. she’s gonna steal your MAN, who’s been your man for 5 minutes..

12. Does Montana genuinely like Dom, or does she just want to win against Jess?

I mean it’s already happened once when Jess has stole her man.. lets see if it happens again. Let’s be fair Dom.. if you genuinely like Montana you talking to Jess so much and helping her with a workout looks a bit suspect..

13. Here comes the Blazin Squad name drop.. 

It goes down like a lead balloon.. Lets see how many times he mentions it. Olivia seems like she couldn’t care less. Did you know Zara was Miss GB last year? I think we’ve found her new replacement

Miss GB

14. Marcel is getting more and more desperate for someone to recognize he’s in Blazin Squad.. 

No one’s getting it.. It’s ‘Blazin’ Hot… no Marcel it’s ice cold mate.

15. Everyone’s wanting each other’s pair..

Lets just say no one has any loyalty right now.. it’s been 24 hours and everyone’s wanting someone else.. AWKWARD

16. Marcel’s about to be the new Adam Maxted from last year.. A friend to all. 

Marcel thinks he’s in there with Jessica.. He’s about to get friend zoned..


17. Jess and Montana.. Here comes the rivalry.. 

Both of them are being so nice to each other.. that you just know they both hate each other.. Jess is so obviously about to pick Dom even if she doesn’t like him. DRAMA FROM DAY ONE!

18. Marcel mentions to Jessica about his Blazin Past..

She cares remotely a bit more than Olivia.. it’s not going too well for him is it?


OH GOD –  that look from Montana says it all.. EXPLOSIONS TOMORROW NIGHT.. WE ALREADY CAN’T WAIT!

We can’t wait to find out some of the revelations, who slept with two people in one night!





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