SNATCH – The New Pokemon Go!

Free Holidays, Gig Tickets, Takeaway Vouchers or even cash! How exciting do these all sound, exciting but accessible by just walking out of your front door.

SNATCH is the latest augmented reality app with the opportunity to win some amazing prizes virtually to redeem! Now if you loved Pokemon Go you’ll absolutely love Snatch!

It’s downloadable on both IOS and Android and is possibly already my favourite app of 2017!

The aim of the game is to Snatch other people’s parcels while defending your own, which could be filled with a variety of surprises. So setting out to use Snatch while I was on my way back from a run, ended up being a entirely enjoyable experience, with even a 2 month free NOW TV pass on my first try!

Don’t get upset if you only get coins, they’ll defend you from other people snatching your parcels, and believe me my notifications are going all day! People love to snatch your rewards!

Now, for 500 free coins, feel free to use my code: YNV1Q3 Believe me, you don’t want to miss out on 500 free coins. You’ll use them when under attack from other Snatchers.

Game play is quite easy to navigate, you’ll see parcels around you as you move that you can pick up. Just click and aim the camera at these virtual parcels and boom you’ve got one to keep safe! The Green locations are shops and restaurants that you can spend time in protected from other Snatchers for up to an hour!

If you want to snatch a parcel. I know it’s not nice to steal things, but virtually it is! Click on the green button at the bottom and a you’ll be shown who is closest to you. Choose wisely who to steal from, if you don’t have any coins left believe me they will retaliate!

Now download the app! That’s pretty much the whole basis of the app. Collect as many prizes as possible. Snatch partners with so many big companies that who wants to miss out on the chance for some free prizes right? So enjoy and do use my code, it’ll get you them much neeeded coins!

Do let me know your experiences of the game, what prizes you’ve collected and how long you’ve been SNATCHING!


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