Thinking of Micro Bond Hair Extensions?

Alike most girls, I always hated the hair I had.. who wanted a short ginger afro which was impossible to tame? Not me… so like most girls I explored the possibility  of hair extensions.

There’s so many different choices that it’s almost overwhelming at first. So i started of course with Clip Ins.. which personally for me were the worst choice ever. They were so heavy, clunky, took out chunks of my hair and didn’t flow very well.. basically they looked fake and horrible.. So that choice was out for me..

Then began the search for permanent extensions. Now these aren’t cheap, salons can charge you from £100 – £1,000 or even more and sometimes it’s not even real hair. So make sure you do your research

After searching for weeks to find someone to transform my hair from the limp unruly Afro to the beautiful long locks. I finally found Taylor Rose Hair Extension Lounge

After a lovely consultation with Gem I booked in my extensions and counted down the days until I could get my gorgeous new hair!

Now I don’t have the pictures from the first time that my hair was transformed due to the lovely apple dumping all of my pictures! But.. after a year I went back for a change in extensions.. as my older ones lasted for a year, which is due to the care that Gem puts into all of her clients hair and also following through with the aftercare that Gem sends. These extentions are pure Remy real hair and Gem even colored them for me to ensure they matched my hair pitch perfectly.

But just look below are how incredible my hair looks:



Completely transformed and I can’t even explain how lovely Gem is, you feel completely at home while having your maintenance and the extensions in throughout the 4-5 hours it usually takes! I’ve not once had any strands fall out, become knotty and the most important thing: These extensions don’t rip your natural hair out!

Extensions take quite a while to put in, but they’re definitely worth it. But they also need maintenance every 6-8 weeks if you want to keep them as pristine as possible and I can guarantee it feels so relaxing getting them done..

So my opinion is.. if you want gorgeous locks… Go get a consultation done at Taylor Rose Extension Lounge!

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